Bureau’s love us because we make them look good

You’ve installed your customer’s new security system; now you need a partner you can trust to provide excellent customer service and technology your customers can rely on. Our goal is to be New Zealand’s premier bureau partner. We’re achieving our goals by:

  • Promoting your brand, if you prefer. This is a white label approach.
  • Responding quickly to incoming phone calls.
  • Responding quickly to alarm activations.
  • Customising our approach to fit your needs.
  • Having a friendly and experienced team of operators who build great rapport with people.
  • Bringing innovative security services to market.
  • Remaining competitive.

Here’s how our Bureau services can help grow your security business

Report and telephone branding

We’re happy to answer your customer calls and alarm callouts under your company name if preferred. That way people will have a seamless experience from installation to monitoring. We’ll even send out reports with your branding.

Voice Recording for complete transparency

Our bureaus enjoy an honest and transparent relationship with us. For instance, all our phone calls are recorded and then uploaded to our online portal. Our bureaus can then download the calls for future reference. Many monitoring centres don’t even record calls, let alone allow their bureaus/installers to listen to them. But we know keeping track of everything can help you and us to improve.

Call Centre Services

When you’re working hard in the field the last thing you need is interruptions from constant phone calls. We’ve developed bespoke software that lets us know when one of your customers calls, and we can answer the phone with your company name, any time of day or night. We can transfer urgent messages to you or text these as well as email non-urgent messages for you to respond to later.

Add value to your customers with Client Web Access

Customers like value-added bonuses. It makes them feel a bit special. And nobody likes to be kept in the dark, especially where security is concerned. Now your customers can export their alarm monitoring history and operator responses online. Once logged in they can send us updates and instructions relating to times, zones, and users. As an added bonus, if they have an online DVR, we can link it to their online portal so they can handle all their security needs in the one location.

Guard Clause (Insurance)

If ever a guard is dispatched in error, and it is clear that we are at fault, we guarantee we will pay for the guard callout fee. That way there’ll be no stress between you and your customer.

Offer the latest technology with an iPhone and iPad app

Apple mobile devices using iOS are so popular that we developed our own iPhone and iPad app. Now at the touch of a button your customers can connect directly to their security system. They can see all sorts of stats like if the alarm is on or off, who’s been using it and when, and all kinds of smart features. If they purchase an optional SMS module, they will be able to arm and disarm their system direct from the app. As the bureau, you can view your customers on the app too.

Look extra-professional with an online customer portal

We’ll provide you with a customer login address where your customers can log in and complete details and updates online. And because we put your logo on the site, it will look like it’s a service you provide.

Leading technical support for your techs

Our technical team works 24/7 to support your technicians with programming and connecting to our system. We are experienced in using most panels and can help via phone during any monitoring connections.

Track your Bureau’s Health

If you don’t track it you can’t manage it. We know business can be hard which is why we provide our bureaus with the right tools to keep their fingers on the pulse. Instantly see your numbers and how you are tracking. Our monthly report will let you spot trends, like new connections versus disconnections. You’ll be able to track how effective your latest marketing campaign was and how your sales team are performing.

Internet Protocol (IP) Alarms

Instead of using the traditional copper wires to send signals to our monitoring station, we can handle IP modules that bypass this technology and send us the details via the Internet. This is handy if there are factors like a customer has a fibre connection only.

Ticketing system

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of countless emails, which is why we use a ticketing system to ensure nothing slips through the gaps. It’s also a great way to let you know the status of your query. You’ll get a notification when one of our team open your email and another when they have sorted it for you.


No matter where your customer is based, communicating with our monitoring station is free, always. We have toll free receiver numbers to supply you at no extra cost. We do the same with your customer calling numbers.