Business Alarm Monitoring

Late to Close, Open out of Hours and Late to Open Monitoring

Business ‘Late to Close’ Monitoring

If your alarm has not been turned on by its expected time each day, ‘Late to Close’ monitoring alerts us so we can take a closer look. This could mean following up to make sure your staff are safe when working late, or haven’t experienced a health condition, or that somebody simply forgot to set the alarm. You’d be pretty upset if a burglary was completely avoidable. In the event of a ‘Late to Close’ alarm setting, we’ll follow your agreed instructions, just like a normal alarm activation. Another bonus is insurance companies like to know that you’re protected at all the times.

Business ‘Open Out Of Hours’ Monitoring

If your alarm is turned off outside of normal operating hours, our Out of Hours security alert will be activated. This is a good way to know if your staff are on site when they shouldn’t be, as well as ensuring their safety in the event of a forced deactivation by a third party. Many customers like this option as it lets their teams know they are being watched for good and bad events. We’ll also be alerted if your staff forget to activate the alarm.

Business ‘Late to Open’ Monitoring

If your business is meant to be open by a certain time, and it isn’t, we’ll receive an alert and then let you know. That way you can wake up the late employee or investigate it further. Nothing’s worse than not serving your customers in a timely manner. This is a great option if you have remote offices, or you’re simply not on site.

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